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Millions of Americans and their physicians are discovering that the greatest doctor of all is Mother Nature herself, and her medicines of choice are 100% safe vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

In Healing with Vitamins, you'll discover thrilling new discoveries about these remarkable healing nutrients. You'll also see how they can help you relieve and reverse a vast array of conditions — from arthritis and angina to facial wrinkles and yeast infections.

For example ...

Cuts risk of breast cancer by 80%. Researchers in Britain have found that women who have ample stores of one vitamin cut their risk of breast cancer by an astonishing 80%. The cost: Just pennies a day! See page 139.

Protect yourself and your spouse against heart attack. Discover three all-natural wonder-working nutrients that actually prevent plaque buildup inside the arteries. For pennies a day, they'll sweep your arteries clean. See page 291.

Keeps cataracts out of your future: People taking this nutrient on a regular basis experienced a 70% drop in the risk of developing cataracts. Page 169

Cuts risk of Alzheimer’s: See page 377 for the vitamin that helps prevent embarrassing memory lapses. Better still, people taking the right dosage enjoy a 67% lower risk of Alzheimer's disease than people taking it the least.

Speeds postsurgical healing: Many studies have shown this vitamin (see page 533) is a star performer in helping you heal after surgery. It provides the raw material for reconstructing tissues, including skin, bone, and blood vessels.

Tired of being tired? Page 250 tells why your fatigue may be caused by a shortage of a critical energy-producing vitamin.

Feeling anxious, sad, or depressed? Even a minor deficiency of this vitamin (page 206) can wreak havoc with your mental health.

Keeps your skin looking young, radiant, and wrinkle free. This is particularly true if you use the vitamin-enriched skin cream recommended on page 63.

And more! Healing with Vitamins gives you easy-to-use Supplement Prescriptions for 90 common conditions — including allergies ... bladder infections ... diabetes ... hair loss ... hot flashes ... insomnia ... leg cramps ... memory loss ... menopause problems ... migraines ... osteoarthritis ... macular degeneration ... shingles … and more.
Discover supplement prescriptions for 90 common conditions
order Healing with Vitamins now!
order Healing with Vitamins now!
order Healing with Vitamins now!

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order Healing with Vitamins now!

order Healing with Vitamins now!
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